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Scott Dikkers

#1 best-selling author, creative coach, and rabble-rouser who founded,

The AV Club, and How To Write Funny

Move beyond the creative roadblocks
holding you back, keeping you stuck,
and preventing you from breaking through


"Einstein was so busy spouting pithy quotes, it's a wonder he got any work done."

- Scott Dikkers

"The Funniest Person in America."

"You've probably never heard his name.

That's because he probably has the

largest margin of ego to comedic genius output

known to mankind."

"One of the top 50 movers and shakers

in the Digital World."


Scott 's expert advice is easy to follow, ensuring that anyone can become a master of humor. Perfect for enhancing presentations, content creation, or everyday conversations, this book will secure a prominent place on your shelf.

Are you ready to elevate your writing, speeches, and conversations with unparalleled wit and comedy? Look no further!

Find the funny in your writing, speeches, presentations, and everyday conversations


In The Elements of Humor, you’ll find:

  • Step-by-step guidance for everything from sophomoric pranks to sophisticated satire as you learn the fundamentals of crafting humor that resonates

  • Diverse humor strategies for different kinds of funny, including self-deprecation, referential jokes, shock humor, hyperbole, wordplay, slapstick, even meta-humor

  • Engaging tools, including helpful diagrams, funny illustrations, interactive exercises, and a comprehensive index of all discussed tools, skills, and methods

In his 20s, he created the comic strip Jim’s Journal, which ran in over 100 college newspapers and spawned a self-published book collection that made the New York Times bestseller list. He helped create The Onion and led it from small college newspaper to internationally known humor brand. He founded The AV Club. He won the Thurber Prize for American Humor and a Peabody Award.

Scott discovered something magical at the age of 4. He published his first book by stapling together scrap paper his dad brought home from work, and it opened a new dimension in life—a way to transcend shyness, connect with others, and communicate whimsical ideas to the world.


In recent decades, Scott has authored over 30 books, including the million-copy #1 bestseller Our Dumb Century. Entertainment Weekly placed him on their “It List” of the top 100 entertainers in Hollywood. He amassed millions of social media fans, performed on Saturday Night Live and on stages around the world. His video shorts are viral hits online with millions of views.

Since then, he’s been an unstoppable whirlwind of creativity. As a child, he made super-8 films, recorded serialized radio sketches on cassette, and performed on the street. In his teens, he brought his comedy to school talent shows, comedy clubs, and national radio. His short films began winning awards at festivals, and he won first place in a Wisconsin State Journalism contest for his school newspaper comic strip.

He founded How to Write Funny in 2014 in partnership with the Second City training center in Chicago, sharing his signature method for unleashing creativity and writing humor. His students have gone on to win Emmys, Grammys, and Oscars.

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