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"Clowns are scary and ghosts are scary,

but if a clown died and became a ghost,

he would just be a pathetic clown-ghost."

- Scott Dikkers


Scott’s comic strip “Jim’s Journal” ran in college newspapers in the 1990s and lead to a New York Times bestselling book series published by Andrews-McMeel. A Rolling Stone poll named “Jim” one of its reader’s top 10 writers. New readers continue to discover Jim’s quiet musings. The cartoon lives on a comprehensive treasury collection and on a Facebook fan page.


Scott's cartoons have appeared in newspapers and magazines around the country. His animated shorts have won numerous festival awards. His voice work has been featured on many commercials, movies, video games, and TV shows including Celebrity Deathmatch and Saturday Night Live.

Watch Scott's award-winning animated short, "Bright Lights, Big Steam"


He’s currently working on a graphic novel, “Patrick Stoodle and the Robot Uprising,” the story of a boy who discovers everyone in his life is a look-alike robot imposter, and he must run away from home to search for his real human family.



Scott is an accomplished cartoonist and animator

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