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How to generate great, innovative, and

transformative new ideas systematically

First developed in the Onion writers’ room, Scott’s proven process for generating creative ideas results in more ideas, better ideas, and ingenious ideas.

This step-by-step framework, which Scott dubs the
“Idea-Tron 9000” is an idea-generation tool anyone can use to arrive at the best ideas for any situation, big or small.

A human-centered model, it beats AI in every

head-to-head match up!




Find the funny in your writing, speeches, presentations, and everyday conversations

Are you ready to elevate your writing, speeches, and conversations with unparalleled wit and comedy? Look no further!

In The Elements of Humor, you’ll find:

  • Step-by-step guidance for everything from sophomoric pranks to sophisticated satire as you learn the fundamentals of crafting humor that resonates

  • Diverse humor strategies for different kinds of funny, including self-deprecation, referential jokes, shock humor, hyperbole, wordplay, slapstick, even meta-humor

  • Engaging tools, including helpful diagrams, funny illustrations, interactive exercises, and a comprehensive index of all discussed tools, skills, and methods

Scott's expert advice is easy to follow, ensuring that anyone can become a master of humor. Perfect for enhancing presentations, content creation, or everyday conversations, this book will secure a prominent place on your shelf.

"If you're feeling gay but prefer the word 'happy,' you are a homonymphobe."

- Scott Dikkers

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